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1: Update Your Makeup

This is the perfect time to update your makeup and your application skills. Make an appointment for a makeover and ask lots of questions. This is important because not only do makeup trends change but your skin changes over time too, so a professional makeup artist can asses your individual needs and teach you the best way to emphasise your best features.

2: Brighten Up Your Colours
While the nude naturals have their place in the makeup arsenal, this season sees the return of bright, vibrant colour. Try something new that you never dared to wear before. Do not be afraid of colour but experiment and find the ones most flattering for your own colourings. Nothing gives you a more flattering, radiant look than a sweep of blusher. Peach and pink tones suit most complexions and give you a delightful glow.

3: Highlight the Eyes
Eye makeup application is the most sought after skill among women. Little wonder as the skilful application of eye makeup is capable of transforming the whole face. Choose contrasting colours to your eye colour to accentuate the eyes. Apply the darker colour into the socket bone area and use the lighter shades above the lash line and under the brow to define the shape of your eyes. Don’t forget the mascara. Nothing opens up the eyes more than lashings of black lengthening mascara.

4: Get An Eyelash Curler
If you don’t already use an eyelash curler, this is the year to start. The converts will tell you, there exists no other product or tool that will make as much difference in your look as an eyelash curler. This one product alone will open up your eyes like nothing else and you will be hooked just like the rest of us.

5: Shape Your Brows
The eyebrows frame the face. It is important to have the right shape of brows that will compliment not only the shape of your eyes but also your face. If you are uncertain about doing your own brows especially if you’re an eyebrow shaping virgin, see a professional to give you tips and determine the best shape for you. Then you can maintain the shape at home yourself.

6: Treat Yourself to Facials
Facials at a quality salon are not just for the rich and pampered. Facials every six to eight weeks will give you not only a skin check up by a qualified therapist but also will determine if you are using the correct products for your particular skin concerns. Facials generally include a facial massage that is not only relaxing but has many benefits for the skin and are hard to do for yourself at home. Facial massage increases the circulation in the skin which helps the skin receive needed blood and nutrients helping the skin appear healthier and aids in the tissue repair. It also assists the movement of lymph fluid which in turn helps to get rid of accumulated toxins. All in all facials are a wonderful treat that everyone should indulge in.

7: Tan Only Inside
If you like the tanned look make sure you get it from a bottle only. Lying on the beach getting burned is a thing of the past or at least it should be. There are excellent products that give the skin a very natural glow and the formulations are improving constantly. If you are unsure about applying self tans or afraid of having tidemarks on your skin try the gradual self tanners that will slowly over time build into a deeper tan allowing you to correct any mistakes. These also give the skin a nice golden glow rather than the dreaded orange tinge.

8: Block Out the Sun
If you haven’t already made sunscreen a regular part of your skin care routine than you must do so this year. The suns rays are not only burning your skin but also aging it. The best anti-aging treatment for your skin is a full spectrum sun screen that is applied to the skin every day. Whether it is sunny or overcast your sunscreen must be applied as the UVA and UVB rays penetrate the clouds. Choose a sunscreen that has a physical block in it or reapply the sunscreen regularly.

9: Invest In the Best
There is a time to be thrifty and a time to splurge. Make sure you splurge on the beauty essentials that will make your makeup look a million dollars and you will see why this is an important investment. It’s worth spending your money on the basics such as a great makeup primer, foundation, concealer, makeup brush and moisturiser. Than you can save on the rest if you chose to because the basics will make them look fabulous anyway.

10: Find Your Own Cult Products
Everyone is always searching for that elusive must have product that they can’t live without. Have you found yours? Make this year, a year to discover what products are best for you, what works best for you and that style works best for you. Once you have found your own cult basics you can relax into the fun of choosing and trying the not so essential items.

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