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One of the first and most important lessons that women learn when they are young is to never go to bed with makeup on. Regardless of the amount, sleeping with your makeup on can do a lot of damage to your complexion by clogging up the pores and allowing dirt, oils and other surface debris to wreak havoc in the form of pimples, blemishes and other types of breakouts. Makeup remover is the one product that gets your face squeaky clean and takes care of any traces of residual makeup. However, there is an all natural approach you can take as well.


Natural makeup remover recipes are abundant, especially if you do your search on the Internet. Not only does the do-it-yourself approach give you the chance to use ingredients that are gentle on your skin, it also gives you the opportunity to save money since not all makeup remover products are that affordable.


When researching natural makeup remover recipes it is very important that you only choose the recipes that use ingredients that are good for your skin type. If you are not sure of your skin type, you’ll want to figure out that piece of information before trying any of the recipes you come across.


Eye makeup tends to be applied pretty heavily, which may look great while you’re out and about but can be a major pain to take off afterwards. If you’re looking for a simple, natural makeup remover to effectively eliminate the layers of concealer, primer, eye shadow, mascara and liner, there are a couple of recipes you can choose from. Olive oil is one of the most popular. Applying a few tablespoons of olive oil to a large cotton ball and using it on your eye area works great for breaking down all of the eye makeup - even mascara. Let the olive oil sit on the eye area for between two to three minutes and then wash with warm water and pat dry.


Need a natural makeup remover recipe that will work wonders at ridding your complexion of all your makeup? Then you’ll want to mix the following to make a paste: a few drops of lemon juice, one teaspoon of plain yogurt and two teaspoons of gram flour. After mixing these ingredients together, apply the paste to your complexion and wait for it to dry a little bit. However, you do not want the paste to dry completely. When you are ready to remove the paste, rinse with warm water and use your fingertips to rub the paste off in an upwards motion.


Want a recipe that is even simpler and doesn’t involve combining different ingredients? All you’ll have to do is take a large cotton ball and dip it into raw milk and apply to your complexion wherever there is makeup. Rinse with warm water afterwards and you’ll be good to go.



<a href="">Khush Singh - Celebrity &amp; Indian Bridal Makeup Artist</a>

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