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You might think your flowing tresses say “casual”, but are other actually hearing “unconfident”? What does your hair really say about you?

 Secret Signals Your Hair Sends:


Cropped hair is often interpreted as signifying intelligence, openness and honesty -what you see is what you get. As a rule, shorter styles also tend to make younger women appear older and more sophisticated.

Shoulder length

A woman with medium-length hair is usually perceived as classy and strong. People often view her as powerful, and someone who exemplifies both brains and beauty.


If long hair is well kept, it suggests confidence and sensuality. But watch out for unkempt styles, which send a very different message: that the person is trying to cover up the parts of her body or face she considers flawed.

Curly vs Straight

Waves give the impression of playfulness, warmth and carefree nature; wearing your hair straight tells people that you are together, polished and stylish.


A neat, traditional ponytail is the picture of poise – it’s a good style for meeting your boyfriend’s parents or giving a presentation in front of your boss. A pony tail higher on the head conveys a more casual, energetic look.

Attributed: SouthAsianLife

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