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Bridal Makeup Tips for Applying Lip Color and Enhancing Cheeks

Put the "blush" in "blushing bride" by choosing the right blush color and placement, and complete your wedding look with a perfect pout by following these tips.

Adding a soft lipstick and contouring the cheeks are a great way to add color and life into your wedding day makeup look. The following makeup tips will help you choose the right products for your bridal makeup.

When choosing a lipstick color, consult your eye makeup first. Generally speaking, you should choose either your eyes or your lips as the focus of your face, not both. If you choose to do something more dramatic with your eyes, choose a neutral lip shade that closely resembles your natural lip color. If you'd like to play up your lips, opt for something a little more bold, but without being too trendy.

When choosing a lipstick, the formula is as important as the color. Sheer formulas will need to be reapplied more often than matte, cream, or semi-matte lipsticks. Longlasting lipsticks feel dry, and will show off any dry or flaky spots on your lips. To appear fresh, they require reapplication of the clear coat, anyhow, so only choose them if you absolutely love the color or don't mind the feel of dry lips.

You'll likely be doing a lot of kissing on your wedding day, and that means that you'll need your lipstick to last. Remember that lip glosses are beautiful, but they make your lipstick come off more readily. You can read more about making your choice of lipstick last longer here.

Choosing a blush color requires a look at your natural coloring first. Do you tend to get red easily? Do your cheeks flush if you drink a glass of wine? When deciding on which blush color to use, keep in mind the activities of the day.

Brides who have a naturally pink or red appearance, may want to opt for a hint of a peach or bronze color to balance out their natural redness. Brides who tend to look pale all day can combine both blush and bronzer for an even, contoured tone. If being in front of a crowd makes you red all over, forgo blush entirely.

Remember, when contouring cheeks, apply the blush or bronzer just below the cheekbone. Apply the blush by moving the brush along the underside of the cheekbone as if you are drawing a "Nike Swoosh" symbol or a checkmark. Start with the bare minimum of color and add as needed.

When the focus is just on adding color, sweep a light dusting directly onto the apple of the cheek and upward toward your hairline. Start with only a touch of color, and add more, keeping in mind that you may produce natural color throughout the day. If you feel you've added too much, do not rub off. Rather, apply a dusting of loose or pressed powder to neutralize the color.

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