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Well, I married a Rajput and he loves the I thought - let me think about this.  For me it was a harbinger of great pain. I Imagined piercing the soft lobes and membranes of your nose and how painful it could be. But I remember when Kate Perry flaunted a big huge gold nose ring at the Heathrow in London while boarding her flight to India.

No doubt nose rings are a rage this wedding season but they have always been around in form of nose piercings and nose studs for quite some time. But here we are talking about the nose ring that a bride wears on her wedding day. It is also known as ‘Nath’ in India and is called by different names in different regions.
This piece of jewel is traditionally worn in the right nose and is connected with a golden chain that links it to the earrings or ends up being linked in the side hair, clipped with the help of a hook. Diamond studded nose rings look gorgeous and irradiate a brilliant and heavenly shine. The myth says that the nose is representative of a bride’s sexual prowess. In olden times, it was also considered a mark of virginity and that is why it was customary for a groom to remove a bride’s ring on the wedding night. Sounds amusing, eh?

 In diverse states of India this jewel is made differently. The mukhuttis of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have ornate, traditional lotus and swan designs and are mostly studded with diamonds, or the poor man’s diamond, the topaz. Rajasthani women wear the nathuri and the bhauriya. While the first is a small gold or silver ring with precious stones, the bhauriya has a slightly different design. The conventional clove-shaped nose stud is called the laung, while the small pendant suspended between the nostrils is the latkan, because of its pendulous character.

In UP the nath is adorned with two pearls and a pendulous bead to augur prosperity. The Punjabi damsel has a gold ring strung with as many as 20 to 25 motifs. It is the shikarpuri nath. In Bihar the nose stud is the chhuchhi or the laung. In Maharashtra it is the guchhedar nath, which is known for its radiant beauty with pearl decorations. Pullakku nose ring in South India (bulaag in the North) is the pendant suspended from the partition of the nostrils.

Sometimes the septum rings in rural areas and tribal society are so large that they cover a portion of the mouth and often come in the way while eating.

The Ayurveda (ancient Indian system of medicine) has it that piercing the nose makes it easy for a woman to bear the pain during child birth as the veins in the nose are directly connected with a female’s reproductive system. There is virtually no end to these theories and the bottom line remains the same: it is customary for an Indian bride to wear a nose ring.

Though the élan with which today’s celebrities sport a nose ring is contagious. The media went gaga over how Perry got a piercing in her right nose before leaving London itself, something that shows how excited she is about her nuptial with Russell in the typical Hindu style. The nose ring looked a little flashy over her jacket and pants but then, she is the bride and it’s her wedding 
Just a tip:   
Nose Piercing Aftercare
Never wear sterling silver in your freshly pierced nose, as the metal will leave a permanent stain on your skin. A black mark develops around the piercing that will never be erased. Always opt for stainless steel, niobium, titanium or 14k gold. The nose piercing takes around three months to heal fully. Therefore, avoid fidgeting with your nose and changing your jewelry. When jewelry is changed too soon, it causes a re-tear, lengthening the healing process and causing a new nose piercing infection.

Rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on your tissue will increase the irritation and burning sensation. It may even slow down the healing process and cause a scar. You can apply powdered aspirin to provide relief from the nose piercing infection. Do not use swimming pools, hot tubs or go swimming in the ocean, as there are chances of bacterial infection and pollutant contaminant infection. Always maintain proper hygiene to reduce chances of bacterial infection. 

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