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Brave Teri Hatcher really laid herself bare as she filmed her daily transformation for the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The actress filmed her journey from waking up looking like 'sh*t' to stepping in front of cameras on the set of Desperate Housewives.

The Hollywood actress, 45, has previously taken to Twitter to show millions of followers how she is now Botox-free, having previously 'toyed' with fillers and injections.

But the single-mother took things a step further as she appeared on Oprah  show with a home video diary of the lengthy process it takes to get camera ready.


In bed with Teri Hatcher: The Desperate Housewives star filmed her daily journey, starting at home at 5.23am


Unmasked: The actress arrives on set at 6am with no make-up on


Au naturel: Teri has previously 'toyed' with Botox and fillers, but has decided to grow old gracefully

She later showed herself unwinding with a glass of wine and removing her make-up in the bath.

The first shot showed the star waking at 5.23am.

'Good morning, I'm tired,' Hatcher said from her pillow. 'Lets go see what magically happens on the set of Desperate Housewives to take me from this to television.

'Now I'm heading off to the set to get my TV face on.'

The next scene showed the actress on the set of Desperate Housewives at 6am.

'Hi, so I made it to the set of Desperate Housewives,' she said.

'And wow do I look like sh*t! Can you say sh*t on Oprah? Because that is what I look like.'

Hatcher went on to describe the stages of her beauty regimen for the show.

'So the first thing I do is get my hair taken from this massive rats nest into something that looks pretty.

Teri Hatcher

And this is where the magic happens: A make-up artist gets to work


Call in the hairdresser: Teri's 'rats nest' is transformed into into a pretty look

'This is the beginning of the process, enjoy.'

After an hour-and-a-half of primping the actress appeared on set for her final touch ups at 7.30am.

Her video diary then skipped to 9pm, with Hatcher relaxing with a glass of red after an apparently long day shooting scenes for her hit show.

'Now I go from the glamorous TV actress to the hardworking mom at home.

'I'm having a glass of wine to unwind after the end of a long day. The best thing about the end of the day is a long hot bath and that's where I take my make up off.

'First and foremost are the dark circles but I've had those my entire life, I think they are genetic.


Ta-da! After and hour and a half, Teri looks like the actress we all know


Ready for her close up: The cameras start rolling at 7.30am

'So that is me without make-up - eye-brows, wrinkles and dark circles.

'The only thing I can say is that I'm willing to be filmed naked in the bathtub on behalf of woman feeling good about themselves.'

Afterwards the star confessed to Oprah she was a little embarrassed as she watched the clip.

'Its one thing to shoot it, its another thing to look at it on Oprah,' she said.

Oprah replied: 'That is so liberating.'

'It kind of is,' said Hatcher.

'Isn't that the person you want to be loved? That's the friend, that's the partner I want to be in a relationship. That's the mum I want to be.

'Really, that's what's important. 'What's bad is that everyone sees the other thing and listen, I love looking at all the glamorous pictures. That's fun too.

'But I just think if we can accept the truth behind it and reveal the mystery, then we can enjoy both things.'

Toasting the end of a long day: The actress enjoys a glass of wine at home at 9pm

Toasting the end of a long day: The actress enjoys a glass of red wine at home at 9pm


And it all comes off again: At 11.30pm, Teri takes a bath and removes all her make-up

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