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It all happened so suddenly. One day your face looked youthfully fresh like Dakota Fanning, then somehow things took a left turn and you started to look over-primped à la Christina Aguilera. It happens to the best of us, really. The thing to do is acknowledge it and move on toward makeup recovery.

Foundation Fix

Is your face a different shade than your neck? Yikes yes, but fret not. It just means that you’ve got a little work ahead of you to find the best foundation to balance your tones. Usually women choose foundation that’s too dark. Try the foundation out on your jawbone first, to make sure it blends in flawlessly. Another common problem is the use of a foundation that’s too “cakey.” Leave those Max Factor Pan-Cake days behind you and embrace a more sheer coverage. Use a light, liquid foundation and use concealer only where you need it.

Concealer Reveal

This common problem is easy to spot. Is that caked up concealer on your chin? Or perhaps you’ve created the reverse raccoon look in an attempt to hide those dark circles from one sleepless night too many. Use concealer that matches your skin tone and not one that’s too light. For pale skin, use a light beige with yellow undertones. For olive skin, use a medium beige with pink undertones. And for darker skin, try a medium to medium-dark shade with peach undertones. Apply with a flat concealer brush for the best control. The key here is to blend so it looks natural.

Anorexic Brows

Let’s face it the ‘20s are over, and so are those super-skinny eyebrows that were so popular back in the jazz age. And yet there are still far too many gals who have over-plucked their brows. Leave the grooming to a professional and get going on growing them out. While in transition, you can tame those unruly hairs with an eyebrow styling gel or clear mascara. Fill them in using a thin, stiff-angled brush with an eyeshadow one shade lighter than your eyebrow color. Use short movements to replicate actual hairs to avoid the block look. It might take a while to grow them back, but the results will be worth it.

Blush Lush

No one wants to look like they just walked off the set of Dynasty. If you’re often getting asked if you just got back from the gym, or if you’re feeling flush, take a hint. It’s time to tone that blush down. If you have fair skin, go pink. For medium skin, go coral, as it looks gorgeous on most skin tones. Try an orangey coral rather than a pinkish one though. Dark skin becomes bolder with a vibrant orange or fuchsia. Remember, less is more and apply with a natural bristle brush.

Black to Back

We all loved the Amy Winehouse retro liner look back in the late 2000s, but some things are better left last decade. If you’re still rocking that very black liquid liner, it’s time to take things down a notch and embrace a softer, more natural look once again. Is black the right colour for you, or would dark brown or even eggplant serve you better as eyeliner options? Use a powdered eyeshadow and a slightly damp eyeliner brush to get a soft line close to the lash base. This will result in a softer look that will get you back to your beautiful, natural self.

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