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Fabulous lashes: Choose a mascara that doesn’t clump on the first coat

How can I reapply mascara without getting clumps?

Lumpy, clumpy mascara can also make you eyes look smaller, which is exactly the opposite effect you want. Ensure your lashes are clean and make-up free before applying your first coat of mascara in the morning.

Then comb through your lashes, using an eyelash comb, such as Tweezerman Folding Lash Comb, which removes clumps and separates lashes.

A heated eyelash curler, such as No7 Heated Eyelash Curler,  is another good tool to have in your kit. While curling lashes and making your eyes look bigger, the heat and combing action also gets rid of lumps and stuck-together lashes.

Choose a mascara that doesn’t clump on the first coat, as subsequent applications will really clog your lashes.

Bourjois 1001 Lashes (Boots) and Max Factor Lash Extension Effect,  (stockists nationwide) are fabulous, and will guard against clumping or clogging lashes.

Rachel Wood, celebrity make-up artist for Benefit, says 'Sometimes I keep face wipes and wipe off a thin layer of the mascara before re-applying - you don’t have to take the mascara fully off, but this gets rid of the dry bits on top of the lash,'.

Garnier Roll on

Waiting list: Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll On refreshes tired eyes

My under eye bags are making me miserable – what can I do about them?

There are countless creams, gels, patches and serums designed to reduce puffiness and eliminate dark circles, from creams costing over 100 to less expensive options. Often the problem in the under eye area is not actually that the bags are getting bigger, but it’s the face losing volume underneath the eye.

Leading cosmetic doctor Michael Prager explains: 'This makes the eyes look baggy, but it really is loss of volume in the mid face,' he explains.

'This problem can be treated by injecting fillers into the hollowing underneath the eyes. Always use sun protection (yes, even in winter) and look for products containing antioxidants, such as those in the Skinceuticals range, especially in the lower eye region. The skin is very thin, ages quickly and loses elasticity which can make bags look worse.

'Simple things like allergies to house dust or pets are a common cause for puffy or swollen eyes. Take out the carpets, buy a new mattress and stay away from furry animals, or simply get tested for allergies,' he advises.

Or join the waiting list at Boots to try the new Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll On, which refreshes and hydrates tired eyes instantly, while covering dark circles with mineral enriched pigments.

Can you recommend anything for dry, cracked lips?

The recent spell of harsh winter weather has taken its toll on skin and hair, and it’s hard to avoid getting dry cracked lips. Moisture is essential for the lips to look and feel healthy so don’t go out without your lip balm.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a lip balm, so you can keep supplies in your pocket, handbag, bedside table and desk drawer to ensure 24 hour moisturisation.

Norwegian Formula Immediate Repair Lip Balm  works wonders on badly cracked lips or try Nivea SOS Lip Balm, ( which contains calendula oil and panthenol to create a protection barrier and instantly relieve dry, sore lips.

The Beautifully Delicious lip butters in cool and creamy Coconut and Shea and Papaya and Mango, taste great or try the all-natural Aubrey Organics lip balms to soften and moisturise.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, is an old favourite which contains vitamin E to moisturise and soothe and if you’re going on a skiing holiday, Soltan Extreme Lip, SPF 25, has a unique non greasy formula that protects your lips against cold winds, snow and sun.

Ministry of Waxing

After care: Ministry of Waxing X’ed Out Cream

How can I look after my skin after a Brazilian wax?

After having a Brazilian wax, you need to prevent ingrown hairs. Cynthia Chua, Managing Director and CEO of the Spa Esprit Group, advises, 'For the next few days, gently buff the area with a body scrub and bath mitt while in the shower and afterwards, apply a cooling, lightweight moisturiser.

'Do not try and pluck or scratch any ingrown hairs – gently buffing each day will help banish impacted hair follicles.

Then just dab a little antiseptic cream or tea tree oil on any redness or pimples,' she recommends.

Ministry of Waxing X’ed Out Cream, (mail order on 0207 409 7343) is an alcohol-free product that contains a pineapple enzyme which is an anti-inflammatory, resorcinol which helps treat blemishes and tea tree oil which is an antiseptic humectant which increases skins natural water balance while protecting against bacterial contamination.

Use this once or twice a day for two weeks after your Brazilian wax to prevent any pesky ingrown hairs.

Beauty Secret

If you're looking for an easy to use alternative to an eyebrow pencil check out Blinc's Fountain of Youthful Colour Eyebrow Mousse.

This clever mousse is applied like a mascara for th eyes, to give enhancing, water-resistant and moisturising colour to your brows.

There are several shades to suit your colouring and it also contains anti-ageing ingredients to work on the skin underneath. Once applied, this eyebrow mousse fills in sparse areas to create the perfect brow line that, even in harsh weather conditions won’t fade, run, or smudge.

My hair is really dry and out of condition. What’s the best quick fix?

Paolo Lai, known as the ‘hair healer’ at Neville Hair and Beauty, recommends first giving your hair a complete rest from blow dries and styling products for a few days. He recommends using almond oil, which is a natural moisturiser.

'I always study what people in hot countries use on their hair to keep it hydrated and coconut oil or jojoba oil is hugely popular. Simply apply a thin layer to your hair and massage it into your scalp.

'For the best results, try to leave the oil in overnight and cover your hair with a shower cap, or wrap cling film over it, so that the warmth activates the oil, making it sink straight into the follicle. Or take a hot bath – the steam will do the same job,' he suggests.

'The main ingredient to keep hair at its healthiest and hydrated is keratin, which is made naturally in the body. I believe that feeding your body from the inside will boost your hair’s growth, so integrate a few new supplements into your diet. Zinc boosts the production of keratin and Omega 3 and 6 maintain the barrier for your follicles, making your hair stronger.'

Do you have a beauty problem? Write to us....

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