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Who doesn’t want a youthful, flawless complexion and smooth skin? It is the holy grail of skincare and makeup products. As consumers we are all in search of that ‘one product’ that will make all the difference in smoothing out the wrinkles, evening out the skin tone, giving us a glowing complexion and at the same time looks completely natural. I would love to tell you that there is such a product but it’s just not that easy or simple. Many factors influence the way the foundation and makeup looks on the skin.

For example the skincare products you use on your skin may have a big part in the look of your makeup. Also your skin type can influence how the makeup sits on the skin. So bellow are a few suggestions to help you achieve a flawless face.

* For an even skin you need to exfoliate your skin. Foundation sits a lot better on skin that has been freshly exfoliated. Try these fantastic exfoliants:
(Click on the name of the product for more information)
Pelactiv Facial Refiner Deep Cleansing Scrub
Dr. LeWinn’s Facial Polishing Gel

* If you have dry skin make sure you use a moisturiser under your makeup. Choose a moisturiser that is not too oily rather, choose one that is hydrating. ” If you have oily skin, you too will have to use a moisturiser. Choose one that is oil free and mattifying for your skin.
Sodashi Sleek Moisturiser
Ultraceuticals - Ultra A Hydration Booster

* To cover any blemishes or dark circles around the eye, choose a concealer one or two shades lighter than your foundation. Gently tap your index finger over the concealer to blend it in with your foundation.

* Don’t be afraid to use enough foundation. A flawless face will only be achieved if you have an even amount of foundation all over the face and is blended well. Pay special attention to the nose and mouth area so as to cover any redness around this area.

* To get a really smooth coverage use a foundation sponge or if using a powder foundation invest in a good quality foundation brush. Take a leaf out of makeup artists around the globe. Not many use their fingers and that’s because it’s hard to apply even pressure over a larger area such as the cheeks and forehead. ” Be sure to blend the foundation almost to nothing around the edges of the face. Pay special attention to the jaw line as there is nothing worse than an obvious line around the face.

* As the finishing touch, apply a light dusting of powder. This will give your foundation the lasting power you require for all day coverage and will take away shine. A note of caution; make sure it is a light dusting of powder as too much can ruin your whole look by looking pasty and flowery.

* As the very last step, don’t forget your blusher. Nothing pulls the flawless complexion together more than a hint of colour on the cheeks.

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