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Perfectly set eyes, brows that never need shaping, sculpted cheekbones, pouty lips, a flawless complexion… we wish! Few, if any, of us have them all. But each of us has at least one “best feature”- one beautiful part of our face that gets noticed and complimented. Play to that strength and make the rest of your look come together for a striking appearance that will leave him breathless.

Perfectly set eyes with no bags or dark circles are a dream-come-true. If your eyes are your best feature, capitalize on them by choosing colors that compliment your skin tone. Use three coordinating shades (no more) to highlight and accent. This will add dimension and depth. Use liner and mascara according to your eye colors – lighter tones use brown black, and pair dark liners and black mascara with bold shadows. Use waterproof mascara only if necessary. It dries the lashes. Never rub or stretch your eyes. This causes fine lines and wrinkles and smudges your lovely look.

Full brows that arc beautifully will polish every look from bare skin to a rich, glamorous makeover. Make the most of your best feature with a brow shaping brush and brow powder. To add a touch of shine and keep brows on place while swimming or outdoors, try a brow shaping wax or gel. Don’t forget to groom the outside end of your brows. Long hairs can make a sculpted brow appear unkempt and diminish the overall appearance of your eyes.

Sculpted cheekbones complement all your other facial features. Use a large blush brush to sweep your cheek color along the underside of your cheek bones. Then smile and sweep color from the apples of your cheeks up toward your ears. Be careful not to over-accentuate your contour color. If your cheekbones are naturally sculpted, too much color can make them look gaunt and cast unattractive shadows onto your chin line.

Pouty lips
are even more kissable when they are nourished and moisturized. Even the fullest lips need to be pampered with lip balm after washing your face and as part of your touch-up routine. Make your pout look its best with liner applied from the outside corner to the center of the top lip. Line your bottom lip by tracing the middle and working the outer corners. Add gloss for even more smile appeal.

A flawless complexion is what most of us spend our time and money trying to achieve. If you’ve got it naturally, show it off! Forget the foundation and use a tinted moisturizer to give your other cosmetics staying power. Use nude or earth-toned eye shadows, smoky liner and black mascara. Don’t hide your complexion under a lot of blush. Make your lips stand out with a bold lip color. Your lips are a great complement to your glowing skin.

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