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How you look on the outside can also affect how you feel inside. So, to create captivating eyes on the outside, read on. There are methods and techniques to suit women will all shapes of eyes and ehtnicities, but if we have missed anything, please let us know so we can include it. Below are several eye make up techniques that you can experiment with.

Essentials * Eye Shadow - at least 2 shades, one light, and one deeper.
* Liner - Either Di Line Gel Liner or Powderliner Pencil
* Mascara - Waterproof Mascara or Lush Lash in a shade darker than your lashes.
* Shadow, Crease, Liner Brushes and a Brow and Lash Comb.

1. Prepare the eye area, clean of all traces of make up

2. Apply an eye cream or gel to moisturise and soothe this delicate area.

3. Apply either Mineral Illuminator or Heavy Duty Concealer to the inner eye area including the bridge of the nose and the eye lid (sparingly), using the Primer Brush.

4. Dust the area lightly with Triple Milled Loose Powder, with the Blush/Powder Brush.

Step 1 - Define the Eye
1. Line the eye, using either the Di Line Gel Liner (with the Liner brush) or use the Powderliner Pencil. Apply to the upper and lower lash line (d) as desired.

Step 2 - Enchance the Contours and Highlights
1. Base Shade: With the Shadow Brush, pat a mid toned Eye Shadow onto the mobile eyelid
(a) from the lashline to the crease. Blend edges.

2. Highlight: Using the Crease Brush, apply a highlighting Eye Shadow to the brow bone (e) and inner eye corner (b).

3. Contour Shade: With the Crease Brush, apply a deeper Eye Shadow to the outer 1/3 of the eye lid in the crease (c), blending as you go and building the colour gradually. Apply shadow over the eyeliner. This helps to set it and holds the liner in place for longer.

4. Clean the Shadow and Crease Brush with alcohol sprayed onto a tissue.

Step 3 - Lashes
1. Mascara: Using a disposable mascara wand to apply if mascara is used by more than one person.

2. Sweep Mascara (either Lush Lash for sensitive eyes/fine lashes/contact lenses or the deluxe Waterproof Mascara for longwearing, ultra black lashes). Apply to bottom lashes first, then the top, taking care to coat each lash.

3. Separate any blobs with the Lash Comb.

4. Apply 2 coats to the top lashes, combing lashes in between each coat.

Notes on mascara
* Apply mascara to the bottom lashes first, to prevent those little spots on the brow bone. Applying 2 coats to the top lashes.
* If you are very very fair, why not try a slightly lighter shade than black or get your lashes tinted, as it will look more natural.
* If your lash hairs are very fine, use a thinner mascara, with a denser brush. The Lush Lash mascara is perfect for fine lashes on sensitive eyes.

Make Up Techniques for Various Eye Shapes
Look at your eyes objectively in the mirror or a photo. What do you want to achieve? Bigger eyes, bedroom eyes, attention grabbing eyes or innocent eyes? Look at the shape of your eyes.

The illustrations show various eye shapes and some suggestions for applying shadow. The main goal with eye shadow is to define and enhance, most make-up artists try to make eyes appear, larger and almond shaped -”up and out”.

Dark shadow receeds, light shadows enlarge and bring forward. If you have large eyes wear deep shades, if you have small eyes, stick to lighter shades. If your eyes protrude and you want to minimise this, use darker shadow around them, and if your eyes are deep set, opt for lighter shades to prevent closing them in.

Women from different races have varied eye shapes and sizes. From the gorgeous almond asian, deep sultry middle eastern shape, the sensuous african and indian and the rounded blue eyed westerner. Many women try to change the shape of their eyes, rather than enhancing the beauty of their own eye shape. Instead of coveting another women’s eye shape and trying to fit into a standard mould, try to bring out the unique qualities of your own eyes. Revel in the difference, stand out and be proud! The key to great eye make-up is a few quality brushes, highly pigmented shadow (either cream or powder) and good blending. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND and if in doubt, BLEND!

Soft and velvety, the secret to a perfect smoky eye is blend, blend, blend. The goal is to control the smudge. Colours to use include grey, brown, dusty mauve, deep green, navy, charcoal. For more information on creating this very popular and sexy eye make up.

(Sabrina Houssami - Miss Asia Pacific demonstrates the universality and appeal of the smoky eye technique, wearing Secret, Sultry and Oomph shades of Di Kennedy Eye Shadow, Water Proof Mascara with Cream Dream Lacquer on lips. Her cheeks are lightly flushed with Petal Matte Powder Blush).

Below are two popular eye techniques:

Classic Eye Liner: Think of Maria Callas, Audrey Hebpurn or Marilyn Munroe. Where would they be without their trademark eye liner? This is a simple classic to master, and it will serve you as well as a great suit or a little black dress. Hold the Angled Liner Brush like a pencil and practice, practice, practice. All this is a single, smooth sweep of crisp colour that starts thin and gets wider towards the outside of the eye and ends in a little flick. It can be any thickness from fine to bold. For all out movie star glamour try adding false lashes.

NOTE: It’s easier to create a smooth line if your skin is smooth. For eyes with looser skin and fine lines, pull the skin taut from the arch of the brow upwards and outwards. If you find gel or liquid a bit daunting, try using the Powderliner Pencil, which is a soft, highly pigmented pencil that has a smudging tool at the other end for softening the line, which tends to be a more universally flattering technique. With all pencil liners, it is a good idea to “set” the line with a powder shadow in a similar shade.

The Classic Contoured
This eye works for most people. You simply focus on the crease of the eye, in the out 1/2 to 1/3 of the eye and use a deeper colour to acceptuate where the showdows would be if the contour was more pronounces.

It can serve to add depth, but not recommended for eye shades that are already deep set. For deepset eyes keep colours light and avoid contouring too much, focus on hightlighting. Remember, light comes forward, dark receeds. Below are some suggested combinations of the Eye Shadows that work for the classic contoured eye.

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