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Tips for Concealing Tattoos without SurgeryWhether it was an ex girlfriend/boyfriend’s name, a goofy cartoon character, or an image you thought would look cool until you actually got it done, tattoo removal services provide the perfect means of ridding yourself of unwanted body ink. While popular procedures such as laser removal, dermabrasion, and minor surgical means allow you to eventually remove a tattoo, there are some that merely wish to disguise it. If you’re looking for a way to temporarily get rid of your tattoo, concealer and special makeup is your answer.


While tattoos allow people to express themselves, there are times when having ink can work against you, and even celebrities deal with this issue. Models and actors are no strangers to this method of hiding tattoos for their sake of their jobs, either. Maybe you’re hoping to snag a job interview with a corporate company but know that the visible tattoo on your arm/hand/neck may give off the wrong impression, or maybe you’ve got a sexy backless dress that wouldn’t look right with your peek-a-boo tat on your shoulder blade. Whatever the occasion, makeup and concealer have the ability to remove your tattoo temporarily without having to deal with surgery or painful laser sessions.


There are a number of products out on the market that are made specifically for covering up tattoos. The most common type of cover up is body makeup. This kind of product simply involves applying a layer of the cream over the tattoo uniformly and waiting for it to dry. You can apply more if needed and to create a flawless finish, add a light layer of setting powder. This type of body makeup comes in virtually all shades so with the help of a beauty consultant, you can find just the right color. You can find body makeup at any department store’s cosmetic counter. Additionally, this type of concealer is ideal for hiding blemishes, scars, and bruises.


If you need something a little bit more reliable and sturdy, then you may want to look into a cover up product that is designed just for concealing tattoos. This product comes in paste form and while it takes longer to dry, it uses a special setting powder that allows it to be waterproof. This special type of concealer can only be found online.


Traditional stage makeup is also another alternative to concealing a tattoo. The majority of this type of cover up is waterproof and comes in cream form. Again, setting powder creates a flawless finish, although stage makeup tends to feel a little bit heavier on the skin. Stage makeup can be found at online specialty stores. There is also liquid concealer available, which goes on lightweight and also does not need setting powder, a great advantage over all the other alternatives mentioned.


To apply concealer to hide your tattoo, you can use either a regular makeup sponge or your fingertips. Be sure to smooth the layer evenly and check your work in the mirror under good lighting. If in doubt, have someone else apply it for you. Make sure to blend the outer lines so that it doesn’t apply to be a blotch of color on your skin. If your tattoo has a lot of blue dye, which is the hardest to cover up, you may want to apply an orange concealer hue first and then add on a few layers of your proper shade for a more natural appearance.

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