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How to Warm Your Skins’ ToneWhen summers’ tan has faded, your natural coloring can look gray or pasty and that’s not the skin you want to reveal on a night out or even from the neck up and on the backs of your hands.   A few simple steps can help warm your skin and keep your healthy glow going all year long.

To warm the skin for a night out in a revealing dress, start with a self tanner in a gentle formula that allows you to control the level of color. Tanners that develop gradually over time and with multiple applications offer the most control. Skip your face and neck above the collarbone for the first one to two applications because you’ll add makeup and because your face and neck will most likely darken quicker than your body.  Once you’ve begun to see a darkening of your skin, you can adjust how much you need to use on your face to achieve the same warm tones.

Self tanner tends to sit in fine lines and wrinkles making you appear older. To avoid this, apply the tanner to your cheeks, forehead and chin. Rub in the tanner in a circular motion working your way into the T-zone. It’s okay to avoid your eye area completely so you don’t accentuate crow’s feet and fine lines. You can easily match your skin’s color with makeup.

When you do apply foundation or concealer to tanned skin, begin at the T-zone where you didn’t apply any or as much tanner and work your way out to the edges of your face.

Let bronzer be your best friend when you want to warm up your skin tone. The trick to looking like you’ve just come back from a long weekend in the topics is to apply bronzer lightly and build up to the desired tone. Once you’ve covered your face and neck, you’ll be surprised how a little has gone a long way. Begin by dusting bronzer along the T-zone and just under your eyebrows. Follow you jaw line down your neck and along your collarbones. Dust on your neck, shoulders and forearms – anywhere the sun naturally tans you. It’s important to make the first application very light. Step back from the mirror and have a look, then step up close and look to be sure you don’t have any unnatural lines or splotches of color. Apply bronzer after you’re dressed so you don’t end up with makeup lines on the neckline of you clothing. Apply up to the edge of your clothes, but not touching them.  

Self tanning the backs of your hands can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. After applying the tanner to your body and face (tanner should stop and be well-blended just after the wrist bone on the back of your hand and just before the lines of your wrist before the palm) wash your hands with an exfoliating soap to be sure all the tanner is off. A quick and effective way to self-tan your hands is to use a makeup sponge. Add a few drops of tanner to the sponge and blend a very sheer coat up the backs of your hands to the second knuckle. When there seems to be no more tanner let in the sponge continue to the fingernail and along the lines of your wrist just up to the palms. It is very easy to streak your fingers and wrists so use much less than you think you need. This will help your hands look naturally sun kissed. Never apply tanners to your palms.

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