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What is it and How can We Apply Fake Lashes?


Know Nothing about Fake Eyelashes? We’ll Read On and you’ll be a pro in a matter of minutes!

What are False Eyelashes?

False Eyelashes gives the appearance of longer eyelashes. You can obtain this by using either a full set or individual set of lashes (which can be found at any cosmetic store or even in some pharmacy stores such as CVS). Apply a couple sparingly throughout your natural lashes to fill in sparse areas or to simply make your natural lashes lush and full during the day, or to naturally intensify your eyes for an evening out. Add a couple to the ends of your natural lashes for a sexy, cat-eye effect or to the center for a soft, doe-eyed look.

Whats Full Set and Individual Lashes?

Depending on the look you would like to achieve, Full Sets tend to give more of a dramatic look. Individual Set lashes are actually small clumps of hair which gives a very natural subtle change to your eyes.



How Do I Apply False Eyelashes?

1) Trim the lashes if they are FULL SET to match the WIDTH of your eye.


2) Squeeze Eyelash glue on the back of your hand and make sure the rim of the lashes are coated with the glue. If your using INDIVIDUAL LASHES a dot on the small cluster will do just fine.


3) When the glue is about 70% dry ( the glue should have a tacky feel to it) place as close to your natural eye line as possible. hold in place for about 30 seconds or when it feels secure.

4) If Necessary fill in the gaps with eyeliner. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT using a pencil, this will tug to hard on the skin and can interfere with the lashes. Use an eyeliner brush or liquid liner.

What is the Best Brand For Eyelashes?

This varies with different people but I picked three excellent choices if your interested in trying one

MAC - MAC cosmetics has such an excellent quality and their lashes stand out amazingly. Only thing is you’ll have to purchase adhesive (eyelash glue) seperately. Some MAC stores sell DUO ADHESIVE which many professionals use because it gets the job done and it is also gentle.

SHU UEMURA - An expert in the art of false eyelashes, shu uemura carries a wide collection of natural to dramatic eyelashes. Each set of shu uemura eyelashes are hand-made by highly skilled artisans to accomplish even the most intricate designs with premium quality. Unlike other lashes right out of the box you can feel the quailty, it’s not just a bunch of hairs thrown together. If taken good care of, they can last a long time. This can be found at the cosmetic store SEPHORA (

LAURA MERCIER - Laura Mercier Faux Eyelashes are designed to create various effects and to naturally accentuate different eye shapes. The lashes come in three different styles to emphasize and create illusions for gorgeous fluttering eyes.

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