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How to makeup close set eyes

By emphasizing the outer corners of the eyes, these will look further apart. Use lighter shades of eye shadow in the inner third of the eyes, from lash line to crease � mid-toned shades in the middle and darker shades in the outer corner. Blend colors together and use highlighter on the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. Mark upper and lower lash line, concentrating color in the outer corners. Finish the look by applying mascara with an extra coat in the outer corners.

Makeup for Down turned eyes
Makeup for down turned eyes, also known as bedroom eyes

The best way to correct downturned eyes is to first apply concealer at a 45-degree angle at the outer corner of the eye. Apply eyeliner by using a thin line in the inner corner towards the nose and a slightly thicker line at the outer edge, lifting it slightly for an upwards finish.

Smudge liner carefully at the outer corner then apply a darker shade of eyeshadow into the crease. Finish the look by curling lashes and with plenty of mascara.

How to make big nose appear smaller

Create nose-shrinking shadow by shading your nose with foundation, bronzer, blush, or eyeshadow no more than one shade darker than your natural skin color.
To make your nose appear thinner and more defined, use the darker shade along the side of your nose leaving a vertical strip down the center of your nose.
To make your nose appear shorter, apply the darker shade under the nose and up over the tip.
Also a thin line of highlighter down the center of your nose. This reflects the light and makes your nose appear smaller.
To achieve a believable look, contour your nose gradually, applying small amounts of product at a time and blend well, without pressing the brush too hard.

How to make thick lips look thinner
If you're blessed with full, thick kissies and want to make them appear thinner, stay away from dark, strong shades of lip color, glosses and glitters. Use neutral, matte lipstick that cuts down on shine. By using a lip brush, apply lipstick from the inside of your lips outwards, but don't go all the way to the lip line - blend outwards, keeping it darker on the inside.
How to make big nose look smaller

How to plump up thin lips

If you want your lips to appear more pouty, use a lip liner the same color as your lips to accentuate your "cupid's bow." Avoid taking the lip liner way into the corners or making a definite line. Smudge out the line for a more natural effect.
Blot on your lipstick with your finger, starting at the center and pushing outwards.

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