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Borrowed from the team.

TS: If Sarah had to pick a favorite product that you used on her, which product and color do you think she would pick?

AS: I remember once, when I was doing a fun gold eye on her with two tones, she said, "I love how you do those eyes Amy..." I think it's difficult for women who wear glasses to find a way of wearing eye shadow that works for them...I wore glasses my whole life, so I have tricks. Also, she got very accustomed to the individual lashes I would put on her every morning....which, unfortunately are not so easy to do yourself!

Right: M.A.C. just released a new gold shadow color, the Brushed Metal-X Shadow in Gold Spice; $16.50 at M.A.C. Great for gold eyes!

TS: Is Governor Palin's skin just naturally flawless (as it appears on TV), and the makeup was simply used to highlight her natural beauty, or did having her makeup done really change the look of her face?

AS: I have said this to just about everyone I speak to...the Governor's skin is the most beautiful skin I have ever worked with. Of course, makeup always helps to create an even canvas, but the condition of her skin was flawless. I attribute it to the clean Alaskan air, lots of fresh fish and protein, and a good fitness regime.

TS: Did Sarah seem to enjoy having her makeup done and learn a lot about how to properly apply makeup, or was she more apprehensive about the makeup process?

AS: She was definitely a bit apprehensive at first, which I think is normal for any woman who is used to doing everything for themselves, and then suddenly having a million people around you doing everything for you. The whole point of having so much assistance on the trail is to leave the candidate as free as possible to have meetings, do their reading, and tend to more official business.

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