The time of year has come once again. Summer’s fleeting sun is fading and giving way to autumn’s cool breeze. As soon as we feel that first nip of cool air, we know it is time to put the sandals and shorts away and opt for warmer corduroys and cozy sweaters.

But many of us don’t know that we should also be changing our beauty and makeup regime come fall. From richer hues to deep-moisturizing skin care, here are the summer products to store and some new fall products to add:

Skin Care

oil-fighting cleansers and lightweight gel lotions
ADD: hydrating cleansers and moisture-rich creams

Those gel lotions that have you feeling fresh and light during the summer months don’t contain the rich ingredients that your skin needs when the temperature starts to drop. Even if your skin type is oily or combination, the cold weather can strip away moisture, leaving it dry, flaky and chapped. To fight this effect, switch to face creams that contain shea butter. Also look for products that lock in your skin’s moisture content, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and urea.

Although it’s obvious in the summer, sunscreen is important all year round. Choose a lotion that has sun block, with a minimum SPF 30 to wear underneath your makeup.


bronzers and tan colored foundation
ADD: paler winter foundation and bronzing liquid

Summer to fall can be a tough time to figure out what kind of foundation you should be wearing. Due to sun exposure, our skin picks up a darker brown shade during the summer, but that tan can fade quickly once cool weather hits.

To successfully transition a foundation to the fall, it is best to mix a moisturizing winter shade (a paler shade) of foundation with a liquid bronzer. This will allow you to naturally evolve your foundation to match your skin’s original shade in the winter. Fall is also a good time to toss out your old foundation (which can get contaminated with bacteria) and invest in a new one.

New Hues

pastel, pink and peach shades
ADD: rich brown, purple and jeweled colors

The pretty pastels of summer will leave you looking washed out come fall. Natural daylight becomes greyer in cooler months and subtle shades may come across as lackluster on the skin. This is the time to switch to warmer, tawnier shades like berries, plums and emeralds to complement the tweeds and browns in your fall wardrobe.

If you are really looking for something different, watch out for silvers and golds to be making a bold statement in makeup this season. A shimmery, metallic hue dusted over your eyes or cheeks will illuminate your entire face.

Lip Care

long lasting and anti-fade lipstick
ADD: moisturizing lipstick, lip-gloss and lip balm

Those anti-fade lipsticks that claim to last up to 12 hours without re-application usually sacrifice moisture for staying power. This can further dry out your lips, which tend to get easily chapped and parched in cooler weather.

Your pucker will thank you for choosing super moisturizing and non-irritating ingredients, such as canola oil and vitamin E. Look for other soothing ingredients such as lanolin, petrolatum, aloe vera, jojoba and beeswax on labels.

Hair Care

water based volumizing hairsprays
ADD: hot oil treatments and hair masks

Spending a lot of time outdoors during the summer can wreak havoc on your tresses. Fall is the perfect time to get your hair back into shape by trimming off dull, dead ends. Add much needed moisture with a treatment that penetrates deep into the hair shaft before showering.

It is also a good time to tone down summer highlights and opt for a warmer one-tone look, more suitable for the season.

a makeover for a new season

Just as you get excited about shopping for the season’s hottest new fashion trends, you should be equally as excited about your makeup. Experiment and find out what works for you. Always keep an eye out for free beauty consultations and makeovers.

With so many companies unveiling their new fall cosmetics line, they will be eager to show you how you can look your best as the seasons change.