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There are many people who do not think that facial massage is for them, but you have to ask yourself: Is that really you staring back from the mirror in the morning? Puffy, pale and lined, your thinking is there any way back to normality? The answer is definitely yes and it is time to start a course of facial massage. When you first awake, your face may have the imprint from the creases in your pillow case and they will subside. The paleness and puffy look is down to the body, which has slowed down during the night. The circulation system slows with the reduced heart rate so that there is not so much oxygenated blood reaching the extremities of the body. This reduced flow means that the lymph glands are not as efficient at removing the toxins that affect the skin. Many factors are involved in producing theses toxins, including poor diet, smoking and other air bourne pollutants, shallow breathing and even stress.

Doing facial exercises will be able to kick start your circulation, and bring a glow to your face which indicates that the blood is now flowing at a good rate, which in turn allows your lymphatic system to start getting rid of those nasty toxins. This will improve your immune system giving you a much healthier complexion. As approximately half of all lymph glands are sited in your neck area, it is really important to get the facial tissues' blood flow working properly.

To understand the ageing process you need to know a little about the skin. It is built from three layers which are called the epidermis, dermis and hyhypodermis. The dermis is the layer we all see, its role is to protect and allow water evaporation to cool us down. Under this lies the dermis, the work horse of the skin. It is packed with collagen and elastin to give the skin its structure and stretch and it houses the tiny blood vessels and nerve endings. It also has the tops of the sweat and sebaceous glands and it is this layer that regulates the bodys' temperature. The final layer is the hypodermis which consists of fatty tissue and water and has the bottom of the sweat and sebaceous glands in it. It is from this layer that the fatty deposits leave as you get older, giving the skin its flattish look. Even though the skin is the same construction all over the body, it has different variations in specific parts. The finger tips, for instance have a higher number of nerve endings to assist the sense of touch. Facial skin is connected to a larger number of muscles than anywhere else in the body to facilitate non verbal communication. It is also quite sensitive and is important for monitoring the ambient temperature and humidity.

Skin will age in several different ways, depending on each of the three levels. When we are young, our skin cells last almost twice as long but as we grow older, elastin disappears which disrupts the collagen and tends to flatten the skin. Added to this, the hypodermis will lose moisture and the fatty tissues head south due to gravity making the skin lose tone and elasticity. With a life time of frowning, smiling, scowling and all the other faces we pull, lines begin to develop. Not only that but the action of the sun, poor diet, smoking and other pollutants, stress and even the chemicals in make up add to the ageing process. Which means the sooner you start your facial massage, the sooner you can maybe put the brakes on the ageing process.

To get an idea of what happens when you have a facial massage, squeeze or press a small area of the skin and watch it go red. This redness is the blood flowing into that area. It is this flow that the facial massage will encourage in a gentler way. As this flow is increased, so the more of the beneficial oxygenated blood will flow around the face, taking the toxins as it leaves, improving the look and tone of the skin.

Although massaging your face will have some effect, if you do it too hard it will be a detrimental one, a more systematic approach will give the skin a real boost. We have all heard about acupuncture, that Eastern traditional medical practice of inserting needles to restore ones health. Well a facial massage that incorporates these points will give a real boost to the effects on your skin. It is called Acupoint facial massage and you only need to gently rub on these points to get the effect needed. These points are connected to the meridians of the body where the energy or Qi flows. Massaging will stimulate these points and, as well as improving the blood flow, will unblock and stimulate the Qi as well.

To compliment your acupoint facial massage, essential oils can be used to help repair and nourish the skin. These should not be used neat but mixed with vegetable based carrier oils that will also be beneficial to the skin. There are a wide range of these, such as grape seed, olive, wheat germ and almond, and you can find the right one to compliment your personal skin type. You do not need to add a lot of essential oils to them, ten drops at the most, and you can combine different essential oils for a variety of different skin conditions. Although these are perfectly safe, they are not advised to be used by pregnant women, particularly in the early stages of development.

In order to be able to massage the correct areas, you will need a diagram of the face explaining the different points. A good example is Facelift At Your Fingertips by Pierre Jean Cousin which not only has excellent illustrations but also has a lot of information in the use of essential oils. Incorporating a good acupoint facial massage into your usual beauty routine will repay your effort tenfold. Now all you have to worry about is the jealous looks of your girl friends.

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