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Typically makeup and anti-aging stayed in its own separate categories within the beauty industry. Women utilize makeup to enhance the parts of their complexion they like while drawing attention away from the parts they don’t like. Anti-aging products serve to turn back the hands of time by minimizing or even eliminating the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Thanks to technology and science, however, women of all ages can now enjoy a combination of both beauty and anti-aging in the latest wave of beauty products.
Tired of fighting the battle against Father Time from both ends of the spectrum? Why not find a product that allows you to indulge in your makeup obsession while maintaining a complexion that is youthful in appearance? Now you can. Just as we all love skincare products that have 2-in-1 formulas, makeup products are starting to follow suit. You can now shop for and purchase specialized makeup items that are also formulated with anti-aging properties. Finally, something that isn’t too good to be true! Known as anti-aging cosmetics, these products promise to help you target your anti-aging problems while allowing your complexion to look its best.
The anti-aging cosmetic that could be considered the pioneer in this part of the beauty industry is the lipstick that also contains plumper. In the past, getting fuller lips included collagen injections or purchasing specific lip plumping products. However, combining lip color with plumper has become the most popular option for women that want to fake a sexier pout without any risk. This type of anti-aging cosmetic has actually been around for the past few years and continues to be a major seller. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, applying this type of makeup product gently plumps up thin lips while providing them with moisture and color in a variety of shades. As an added benefit, your plump pout will last even after you have removed your lip color.
Foundation has been used to create a more even complexion and the appearance of flawless skin. However, the latest in skincare technology has produced a foundation product that actually improves the appearance of your complexion through the use of retinol. This type of anti-aging cosmetic works to combat against fine lines, wrinkles and evens out your skin tone while providing accurate coverage. Each time you apply the foundation, your complexion will gradually begin to benefit from the retinol. You can find foundation with retinol in cream and liquid formulas, which work best as opposed to powder foundations.
In general, concealer has always been a girl’s best friend and is ideal for covering up any problem areas on the complexion such as dark under circles, pimples or spots of discoloration. But thanks to the anti-aging cosmetic movement, you can now enjoy your concealer even more now that it is fortified with special peptides that can firm aging, sagging skin. Because concealer is mostly used around the eye area, adding peptides only seems natural since they are gentle enough for use around this sensitive area. Additionally, the eye area is typically the first to fall victim to the signs of aging, including sagging skin. Applying this kind of anti-aging cosmetic will help your eye area remain youthful in appearance, firm and supple. Over time you’ll eventually need your concealer less and less. What could be better than that?

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